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Date: Sun Mar 18 2001 - 15:20:51 MST

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<< Nor do I believe that the answer to the possibility
 of eternal boredom is simply to engineer the experience away!
 - samantha >>
Is boredom simply the anger or depression experienced by doing the same old
thing for a long time? Is it that one becomes weary from not learning or
participating in new activities and experiences? Is it lack of stimulation?
Is it merely a neural chemical imbalance, and if human personalities are
uploaded, would one still experience this same malady? First let us define
the problem. I am doubtful a Jupiter Brain will get bored, since there is so
much creative work in the cosmos to undertake. This question is like
Australopithecus expressing concern for his fellow hominid, Homo Sapiens,
"how can you guys live so far from the scavenging grounds, won't you starve?"

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