One of Sasha's great ideas....

From: Brent Allsop (
Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 22:31:52 MDT


        How many people remember this post by Sasha to the extropy
list back in February?

> Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 14:00:43 -0500
> To:
> From: Sasha Chislenko <>
> Subject: Extropian finder service?

> Could we create a searchable database of extropians who would like
> to be found for taking part in various projects - from contracting
> for high-tech ventures to just finding people who may be in a
> certain city at a certain time?

> I personally often face these issues, and probably
> miss most opportunities because I don't know who
> to contact.

> -----------------------------------------------------------
> Sasha Chislenko <>

        There have been many people express an interrest in helping
with, and using the results of, such a project since sasha suggested
it and I'm still working on getting it organized. I'd like to see
such an extropian membership system set up for the extropian community
like Sasha proposed. I'd like to see this project dedicated to Sasha
since it originated with this post of his.

        Here are some of my thoughts about what such a system would
start out being.

        There would be a "membership" link off of the main page. People could go to this page and after
logging in, check their membership status and update their personal
information. This would include information like interrests, areas of
expertise, extropian activities completed.... Everyone could specify
the level of privacy for all data fields in their own DB file with the
following proposed values:

         10 private
         20 Friends
         30 Extropy Advisors
         40 Paid up (active) members Only
         50 Any members
         60 Public

There would be a search page that would enable people like Sasha to
find other extropians based on interrests, location, time....

        We could watch the exponential growth of the number of
extropian members and activists. We would have an "exinum" which
would more or less be what number joining member you were. Very low
numbers being very prestigious, like sports team numbers. (By the
way, what is Sasha's number?)

        I think it would be great if we could tie it into Max's
extropy membership database so we could check on the status of our ExI
dues and donation payments and so on and so forth without having to
bug Max or whoever is keeping up that database. I've created a new
membership database on the MySQL system on with the
following table now in it for a start:



  first CHAR(25),
  middle CHAR(25),
  last CHAR(25),

  address1 CHAR(25),
  address2 CHAR(25),
  city CHAR(25),
  state CHAR(25),
  country CHAR(25),
  postal CHAR(25),

  email CHAR(50),

  url VARCHAR(255),

  userid CHAR(16),
  password CHAR(16),

  joined DATE


        What do you all think? Any other ideas?

        Anyway, this is what I have so far. This is what I'm working
towards. If anyone else is interrested in helping out with such a
project, some jsp programming, html page layout development, or even
if only with some suggestions on how better to precede (perhaps there
is a better way than MySQL and java server pages?), please notify me.

            Brent Allsop
            ExI Web Administrator

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