Re: Human genome now mapped?

Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 18:18:01 MDT

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> The interesting thing is the confusion over the # of genes.
> About 5 years ago the estimate was ~70,000, then Incyte said
> 140,000, now Doubletwist says 105,000...
Did you see the article last year on the first human
chromosome arm mapped (Dunham et al, Nature 402:489-495)? They gave 4 quite
different numbers for the gene count
- even with the sequence they're not sure what's a gene; what's a pseudogene;
and what's just junk that
looks a whole lot like a gene. They didn't even get into
the headache of transcribed RNA that *doesn't* make proteins
or known RNA products.

As I recall, their estimates were vaguely around 70,000.

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