Re: Human genome now mapped?

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Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 23:26:41 MDT

> writes:
> > About 5 years ago the estimate was ~70,000, then Incyte said
> > 140,000...

> > Doubletwist says 105,000...
[The companies, DoubleTwist, Inc. and Sun Microsystems, Inc. (SUNW.O), said
their alliance would allow subscribers to get a map and partial analysis of
just over half the genes and eventually all 100,000 or so human genes off an
Internet site.
``What we have found so far is approximately 65,000 genes,'' Nick
Tsinoremas, director of research at Oakland-based DoubleTwist, told a
telephone briefing. ``We are looking closely at another 40,000 potential
genes.'' ]

> Did you see the article last year on the first human
> chromosome arm mapped (Dunham et al, Nature 402:489-495)? ...
> As I recall, their estimates were vaguely around 70,000.
[Given that...22q represents 1.1% of the genome...then if the distribution
of genes on the other chromosomes is similar, the minimum number of genes in
the entire human genome would be at least 61,000. Previous work has
suggested that 22q is gene rich...which would reduce this estimate to
~45,000 genes...]


(Story Filed: Monday, May 08, 2000 1:13 PM EST)
The small number of genes on the chromosome and the 545 active genes in
chromosome 22, which was sequenced last year, have also led the scientists
to revise the estimated total number of human genes to 40,000 from 70,000 to
100,000 genes.]

Genomic poker replaces the Extropian Russian Lottery as a favorite
millennial pastime.

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