Re: smart pistols

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 13:47:57 MDT

"" wrote:

> Electronic ignition is merely an easy way to get yourself
> killed due to a dead or low battery.
> Michael S. Lorrey
> Many sport pistols (a couple below) are working with electronic
> triggers.
> Firms like Walther, Hammerli, Morini, Toz, Pardini, etc. tested
> different electronic triggers. These pistols won medals (gold
> medals too), in the last Olympic Games. No battery problems (in
> 20.000 shots, or two years time).

Those are target guns, they get treated with kid gloves, and they are taken care
of by people who know and appreciate guns like their own children. The purpose
of electronic ignition in target guns is to a) provide quicker ignition with
less trigger pull, and b) reduce vibration from firing pin movement. The
electronic ignition systems in these guns take up most of the volume of the
stock, something that is not available with concealable self defense pistols.

> Electronic triggers are (much) slower than mechanical triggers.

No, they are not. The electrodes are in contact with the primer at all times,
and the only thing that occurs at the point of trigger pull is the current flow
and spark. This takes much less time than the time it takes for a firing pin to
move, at least in the models I've seen.

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