Re: smart pistols

Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 10:15:19 MDT

Electronic ignition is merely an easy way to get yourself
killed due to a dead or low battery.
Michael S. Lorrey

Many sport pistols (a couple below) are working with electronic

Firms like Walther, Hammerli, Morini, Toz, Pardini, etc. tested
different electronic triggers. These pistols won medals (gold
medals too), in the last Olympic Games. No battery problems (in
20.000 shots, or two years time).

Electronic triggers are (much) slower than mechanical triggers.
The shot is released later. That is a big problem for target
shooters. But electronic triggers are backlash free, and that is a
great advantage.

But the electronic ignition (cartridge spark ignition) which is now
tested (by ADA firm) is not an electronic trigger. Battery problems
may occur, for sure!

Rome (Italy)

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