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Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 16:08:41 MDT

Waldemar wrote:
I think that we transhumanists will make a difference, in formulating the
political thoughts for this century that can apply themselves to the new
technologies and to a constant dynamism in society.

This is the key point! In football(American) terms, we are the defensive
line that tries to give the quarterback space to move, and time to launch
the ball before he gets sacked. Now, if only we had half the budget of
simply one football team frachise!! Hey, how about the "Anchorage
Automorphs" playing against the L.A. Raiders! If only I were a
multi-billionaire! Being a multi-millioniare just does not do it anymore...

you continue:
I'm not saying this to discourage those of you out there that are already
working in these sectors (keep it up BTW), but to point out that we
transhumanists really have to be "the friends of the future", contructing a
philosophy and a cultural movement that can oppose the onslaught of stasist
forces. What good does it do to research when you´re opposed at every step?

And that is where the Extropian Institute comes in. Max, Natasha, Robert
and others with relatively little money have gone out and made some big
splashes in the mass media. They have the persona and knowledge to get this
done. Natasha even has a cable access show(Wayne's World! Wayne's World!,
sorry...) that discusses every week transhuman topics. It is sad that to my
knowledge it is just shown around the L.A. area. Someone big needs to pick
it up.

And the Extro's get the attention of the scientific community to the point
that many prominent scientists actually come and speak! The Extro is the
ideal opportunity to get the word out to the world, and to "rally round the

Joseph Sterlynne wrote:
but as I said, the benefactors must consider the work to be in their own
interest. And enthusiasm alone isn't necessarily enough. Funding has a
greater chance of coming when someone has something to fund.

Very true. But as Waldemar stated there are list members who are going
forward with their own personal projects and businesses. Sasha Chislanko is
in a position of power to fund promising startups but it has to be very
promising I bet before the firm he works for will actually do it!

Though Max and Natasha have moved forward the extropian agenda without alot
of money to draw from, I am sure they would like a multi-million dollar
budget to really champion the cause. Perhaps oneday, one of us will have
the resources to be a patron and really put the Extropian Institute and
transhumanism on the map in a BIG way.


John Grigg
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