Re: Extropia (transhumanists making a difference)

From: Sasha Chislenko (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 17:32:36 MDT

At 03:08 PM 4/27/00 -0700, john grigg wrote:

> Sasha Chislenko is in a position of power to fund promising startups but
> it has to be very promising I bet before the firm he works for will
actually do it!

Try me :-)

There are also other modes of cooperation.
We could support really good projects that either don't require much money
(one thing that can help, is using good Russian developers for implementation),
support socially useful projects that use our technologies (such as network
contracts or reputation brokering and recommendation systems), etc.

In any case, I think it would be extremely useful if we have a roster of
with short descriptions and indication of people, needs, goals, and resources.

Could someone start working on the roster of these ideas, and accept

   Sasha Chislenko
   Chief Scientist of 100x

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