Re: Northern Ireland (was Re: Nanotech Restrictions)

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 00:01:50 MDT

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>From your loaded and rather vile words for the IRA and Catholics in
general, I took you be be pro-british. If that is not the case, then my
apologies, however I'd warn you about using semantically loaded words if
you don't meant to convey the content of those words (I'm sure Nadia
will have a retort to me about this, to which I pre-reply that I always
mean what I say).

By the association with our revolution, it was not an attempt to take a
'moral high ground'. It was to point out to you that people who greatly
respect the people who conducted the revolution are not very likely to
sympathize with people descended from the oppressors of those
revolutionaries, especially when they are seen as oppressing the group
in question at the moment. Unless of course you admit that your
opposition to our Declaration of Independence and the oppressive acts
surrounding those events (including the attempted confiscation of
private firearms by Governor Gage) was in fact an immoral act or acts.
To which I would reply that you folks don't seem to be learning any
lessons from history.

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