RE: Northern Ireland (was Re: Nanotech Restrictions)

From: Jonathan Reeves (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 11:05:35 MDT

Mike Lorrey Writes:

> Unfortunately, we have a tradition of booting the British out here, so our
> sympathies tend to go to the 'underdogs'. After the rev war here, many
> stayed. Some got picked on, sure, while others hightailed it for Canada
and then
> sicced their lawyers to try to regain the property they had abandoned (and
> that didn't work, they instigated the War of 1812 (the 'British' troops
> mostly Canadians)). You might call Canada the North American equivalent of
> Northern Ireland, and you've also got a put upon Catholic minority up
there too.
> I'm sure Canadians just love the Ulster Unionists...

> As for myself, a Catholic Scottish American whose family got relocated to
> Scotia from the Gordon's Highlands, I've got little or no sympathies for
> headaches the Protestant British have brought on themselves, while at the
> time I have no sympathies for the marxist ideology of most IRA members.
> you deserve each other.

Thanks a lot. It's good to know that you think I should be bombed by a bunch
of madmen because of something my countrymen did several hundred years ago.

A lot of people seem to be under the misapprehension that the IRA are
freedom fighters struggling against the evil oppression of the British
(English) Empire. They are not. They (and the UVF) are just drug runners
and pimps with an extremely brutal streak that use the politics/religion as
an excuse to play gangsters.

The British soldiers are there to keep the peace, thankless task though that

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