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Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 17:54:21 MDT

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> Hi transhumans (also to posthumans, extropians & neohumans e-lists).
> What do you think of the World transhumanist Association ..... ?
> I think their magazine at is OK, and possibly
> important, but a bit "flat."

Yes, it is. It's the usual 'science without art' fiasco. Dry.

OK. First of all: it's all only got pictures of men, no women. What do you
expect? (only partly kidding =o)

I've always been a little surprised there's not more creativity involved in
these things myself. More playfulness!
I always expect visual ambiance, pictures of architecture, spaceships, VR,
stories, people in action, etc.

    This in comparison to most of what's out there is amazingly aesthetic!

    But seriously, if you go beyond it's boring prospectus brochure
typesetting and look at links, (!!!) or Anders website -- you
might find a bit more "Flash".

I wonder why it doesn't link to any of the especially creative Natasha's
sites, or am I missing something... I suggest you visit for a more compelling and exotic view of

Mostly I suspect those WTA (WT always makes me think of White Trash, no
matter how hard I try not to go there, sorry guys : - ) people don't have a
lot of extra time to donate to bells and whistles.

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