From: Steve (steve@multisell.com)
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 17:00:26 MDT

Hi transhumans (also to posthumans, extropians & neohumans e-lists).

What do you think of the World transhumanist Association ..... ?
I think their magazine at www.transhumanism.com is OK, and possibly
important, but a bit "flat."

Maybe that is cos I don't have their blind faith in science and technology
to 'solve' everything .... I am partly a product of the Human potential
resources movement (Surrey Univ. Psych. dept. in the '80s) and soft sciences
(plus neural computation (nets) MSc along the way). Although I pay my subs
to the BPS (british psychological establishment) and teach sometimes, my
relationship with conventionalist academia (particularly philosophers) is
often very strained.

My links with the world occult frat/sors (OTO & GD temples, wicce &c) are
stronger and wider than just about anyone else in the 'posthuman firmament'
(or outside of it) that I am aware of...... My anti-supernaturalist natural
magick views are contentious amongst gnostics & mainstream occultism, for
NOT 'believing' in ghosts, goblins, gods &c. ..... and my natural magick
views (MVT et al) are unpopular amongst conventionalist scientists for even
deigning to entertain WMT ideas and use ceremony and ritual magick &c (NOT
empirical enuff).

Distinctions, such as between science and magick, are mere human-been
'made-up-words' and belief-bubbles of different sizes and colours, and are
swiftly becoming eroded, merged or burst (Chaos magic, chaos mathematicks,
ghostly machines, &c.).

'Singularity' seems to be a current hype nonsense word (used to mean
different things in different fileds) .. but seems much as Leibnitzian
"monads" ..... and of course John Dee's hieroglyphic interpretation of
"monad." Nothing much has changed in some debates .....

I dwell in many worlds, including some 'celebrity' and 'TV' circles, as well
as various industries (games software, property, media, printing &c). What I
might lack in specialist 'depth' in some areas, I tend to make up for by
breadth/ bandwidth. My 'people -network' is fairly extensive, (and some of
my friends even more-so) and I have reached a point now that I can sometimes
facilitate various 'matchings' between individuals & ideas, often across
fields, that tend to be very productive.

The WTA magazine caters for scientists and the serious minded .... but is
too much like an academic publication for my tastes, and for many who might
otherwise be drawn towards the post/trans/x-human community.


So (finally getting to the point) ..... I am setting up an e-zine to help
draw together the various strands of post-humanism ... with the intention of
making our radical futurist agenda more accessible to more people (and to
provide better communication between various cliques and factions).

Anybody who wants to help out with this project (www.x-human.com
www.extropia.net www.trans-human www.post-human.com) who can either
post stuff for inclusion to the zine (I will set it up with discussion-web
facilities) ...... or maybe help by promoting it far and wide ..... please
e-mail me steve@multisell.com

I want to include video and audio as well as text. Let's try to do something
quite flash!

Posthuman salute


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