being self-aware of the range of intelligence among humanity...

From: john grigg (
Date: Fri Apr 21 2000 - 13:35:37 MDT

Robert Bradbury wrote:
The interesting thing about being moderately smart is that it
lets you *clearly* see how very smart the really smart people are.
I'm often struck by "everyday" situations (some of which crop up
quite often in Russia) where I become aware of how the average
individual hasn't the faintest clue of the *real* range that
intelligence can span. I think there was a posting on the EI-list
or on /. a few months ago about how "clueless" the average individual
is. It is presumably a form of mental self-preservation, not knowing
what you really might be capable of with some IA. But it touches
on the issue of why more people aren't demonstrating in the
streets in favor of technologies to uplift them to the levels mentioned

I found this post very fascinating. Being learning disabled but with an
average or slightly better then average I.Q., I can look around myself and
really appreciate the range of abilities that are out there. I have some
friends in town with intellectual powers I have to admit I envy. But still
I am sure I don't have the level of awareness to the extent that you
indicate. It makes sense that the extremely brainy folks can best
appreciate the super brainy folks! lol

I have read how the brains of the brightest people show up on scans as using
much less effort then those of less intelligent who must 'strain' to figure
out the same puzzle. So less effort and better results.

I think people will be protesting in the streets when they see augmented
intelligence being used in others, but they cannot access it due to price or
government restrictions. It is still seen as somewhat 'science fiction' by

The truth is many people have not even learned to properly train and use the
brain they already have(which generally is pretty good) with present and
ancient methods of development. I am one of these people.

you continue:
You can put "Wouldn't you like to add 50 points to your IQ?" in
the same class as "Wouldn't you like to double your expected
lifespan?". Most people have no idea what it really means.

I would love to have those extra fifty points added to my I.Q. and also have
a much better memory. I would have a chance of keeping up should I ever
make it to an Extro! And also I could go into any career field that
interested me. A high-level of intelligence to me means literally having
the power to fully grasp the opportunities around you and succeed socially,
sexually and financially. I think you are right that most people have no
idea what it really means.


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