Re: being self-aware of the range of intelligence among humanity...

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Date: Fri Apr 21 2000 - 14:19:51 MDT

Hey John

A website that address's these ideas

I think If you were hyper-inteligent you would not concern yourself with
"careers", workin' for a livin' is the hard way to finance your life. The
most sucessful ppl I've seen are those that play hard in what they enjoy,
and just happen to charge for it.

I often muse.. "If I were only just a little bit smarter...", Also *I have
this feeling that the one day I missed school, was the day they tell
everyone what the critical tricks to life are, and were sworn to silence
about it*

So I have at least been .studying. intelligence, and I'm interested in
street smarts or sly savvy, wily cunning, not so much technical knowledge
but, the undocumented tricks to navigating the sea of life, James bond
factor coping skills and James T. Kirk tactics, I think we are loosing "old
grandfather wisdom" in generations, I'm seeing very sparse mentorship.

Bandwidth is precious, I want to know how it's done, and I want to know
right now, so cough up the clues baby.

A good meditation is, I'f I were more inteligent, what would that be like?

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