RE: Identity Crises (was) Re: Where do cool people go

From: James Rogers (
Date: Fri Apr 21 2000 - 07:28:38 MDT

On Fri, 21 Apr 2000, Al Villalobos wrote:
> James Rogers wrote:
> > "Polymorphism is a very extropic characteristic in my opinion.
> [proceeds to describe me in some detail] (freaky!)
> pigeon hole 1: Gun owning former Marine short hair type
> pigeon hole 2: Computer/techno/extropian nerd
> pigeon hole 3: Fitness obsessed, lean mean gym guy
> pigeon hole 4: Highfalutin international business guy who can order the
> right wine in a French restaurant (in France)

This is a very interesting pattern, because I know other people who also
fit in the same kind of pigeon holes. I think each of these pigeon holes
are strong manifestations of specific characteristics:

1) There seems to be a surprising number of ex-military people on this
list (I am ex-Army -- light infantry), and a fair number of rugged,
gun-toting, outdoorsy types. I would attribute this to strong principles
of self-reliance. Still, at first glance I wouldn't expect as many
ex-military people to be here as there are.

2) Computer/techno nerd describes most everyone on the list and is
probably the single most common factor.

3) Extropians seem to tend to be health nuts. There aren't as many "body
nazis" as I would expect (too many engineers? :^), but health issues are
obviously very important to most people here.

4) From my own experience, I would hazard a guess that people tend to be
excellence seekers at a level that exceeds that of the general population.
Maybe extropians just have good taste, but I would guess that it is
derived from a desire to push life to the next level (whatever that means).

> People are usually most surprised when I am in Mode4 and I refer to
> something from my Mode1.

Me too. Most people aren't even aware that I used to be in the military,
nevermind that I have a whole "redneck" way of life that I support.
Since people are much more likely to see me patronizing trendy, upscale
cosmopolitan establishments in various locales, they have are very hard
time imagining me bouncing through the mountains like a hillbilly or
surveying the range on horseback.

-James Rogers

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