Re: Steering the Extropian Ship

From: Rafael Anschau (
Date: Thu Apr 20 2000 - 19:58:17 MDT

> The LDS church has more than 50,000 20 year olds that work
>full time for two years pushing LDS doctrine all over the world. The
>LDS church has huge monetary assets - billions of $$$$. They have
>legions of dedicated people doing "temple work" or sacred ordinances
>which they believe will bring them immortal life. If we had an
>equivalent set of dedicated organized driving engines using real
>science instead of hocus pocus "priesthood" we could really do all
>this don't you think?

YES - That would be extremely helpful, but there's one thing that must be
built first: A memetic machine to spread the biological immortality
meme(and extropian memes in general) among people with the same mental
orientation of the ones who follow LDS churches... To my experience,
people who follow those kinds of religious doctrines are much more prone to
automatically refuse extropian ideas and accept "hocus pocus priesthood".
There should be a "Extropian Memetic Engineering department" if someone
decides to pursue further on such endeavor.

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