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Date: Tue Apr 18 2000 - 07:23:59 MDT wrote:
> Mike:
> >
> > The average high school graduate in 1920 was more literate than the
> > typical college graduate today.
> >
> That's why the appeal of the Harry Brown book TOTALLY lost me ... hearken to
> a better life back then... How good life was before it all got interfered
> with by those darn civl rights laws. Hogwash.
> People are always going to whitewash the past. Remember how much better is
> was ...? ... back in another time, a better, simpler America? That rhetoric
> only works if I lived in middle class, non-ethnic, as white male America,
> Mike. Things weren't so good for "others". Others have it better now, but
> not much -- oh yes, and at a cost to the middle class non-ethnic, white male
> America.
> I know you have heard this before and discount it, but it's my POV.

I don't dispute that the non-high school graduates had it difficult, esp
minorities. I was commenting on how gicing the state (and therefore the
eductation monopoly union, the NEA) control of our schools has produces
a far lower quality product.

> (snip)
> > the lesser of two evils. By aborting, shes making sure there are fewer
> > people like her (and the father) in the world. Abortion and execution: I
> > just call it evolution in action.
> That is a rational point of view. Cold hearted, a little stubbornly
> impersonal, but rational. Actually I can add on to that. An accidental mother
> who is not "unfit" can also observe the world as an "unfit" and not want to
> raise a baby here. Is that anti-evolutionary?

I very much dislike having to think that way, beleive me. And your axiom
is also valid, however it is still part of what I say in an extropian
sense: anyone that is that pessimistic about the future, and feels like
one person has no ability to change it, is helping create a better
future by not bringing one more pessimistic cynical person into the

I don't, however, feel cold hearted about execution. Anyone who has
demonstrated no respect for their fellow man is no longer human.

> Nadia
> PS
> I Really liked you answer to my art post, and will write a reply as soon as I
> have time to honor it in the way it deserves to be honored.

I look forward to it. ;)

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