Re: Didn't need no welfare state (Was: Re: news...)

Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 23:42:42 MDT


> The average high school graduate in 1920 was more literate than the
> typical college graduate today.

That's why the appeal of the Harry Brown book TOTALLY lost me ... hearken to
a better life back then... How good life was before it all got interfered
with by those darn civl rights laws. Hogwash.
People are always going to whitewash the past. Remember how much better is
was ...? ... back in another time, a better, simpler America? That rhetoric
only works if I lived in middle class, non-ethnic, as white male America,
Mike. Things weren't so good for "others". Others have it better now, but
not much -- oh yes, and at a cost to the middle class non-ethnic, white male
I know you have heard this before and discount it, but it's my POV.

> the lesser of two evils. By aborting, shes making sure there are fewer
> people like her (and the father) in the world. Abortion and execution: I
> just call it evolution in action.

That is a rational point of view. Cold hearted, a little stubbornly
impersonal, but rational. Actually I can add on to that. An accidental mother
who is not "unfit" can also observe the world as an "unfit" and not want to
raise a baby here. Is that anti-evolutionary?


I Really liked you answer to my art post, and will write a reply as soon as I
have time to honor it in the way it deserves to be honored.

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