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Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 19:44:29 MDT

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>I think that (real, true) works of art (paintings, sculptures, etc.) last
>for ever and ever. Meaningful. Timeless.

I'm not sure what you mean by "real, true" mean. It seems that you are
referring to paintings, sculpture and Classical modes of art. If this is
what you mean and if you are excluding other modes of art in this phrasing,
then it might be a bit narrow. Let me explain why:

Each art period or genre stems from a different time in civilization's
history and each art period uses the technology available to create "art"
during these times. Just as you might consider paintings and sculpture to
be real or true art modes for Renaissance art or Abstract Expressionism,
these art modes are not the current art modes for the late 20th Century or
early 21st Century. Today we use digital or electronic tools and the
environments that we produce art in are not ateliers with marble dust on
the floor or stretched canvases smelling of oil paint, linseed oils, darmar
varnish and turpentine. Most art ateliers today are digital studios with
cables and power surges on the floor.

While the Classical or Renaissance periods of art are highly valuable as
historical artifacts, they certainly would not accurately represent "real,
true" art today.


>In example: Herbartís and Machís relativism > Einsteinís (and
>Poincare) relativity theory > Picassoís (and Braque) cubism
>(superposition of images of the same object, seen from different
>Ö) > Quantum Mechanics (superposition of states, subject-object
>not commutative relations, theory of measurement, paradoxes,
>etc.) > and so on.
>Am I right ?

I appreciate what you are saying, but why focus on the past? Why not form
current analogies? For example, Picasso and Braque were certainly Cubist
superstars (actually it was Braque and then Picasso), but what have they to
do with current art trends and applications? Why not focus on
Transhumanist Artists and Extropic Art and art modes created with digital
tools, Artificial life, Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology -- whose
work reflects themes of biotechnology, genetic engineering, Superlongevity?

Referring to paintings and sculpture to reflect art on this extropian list
is like discussing the light bulb to reflect technology rather than
nanotechnology, AI, the Singularity or Uploads.


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