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> This is a rather longish excerpt from Nanotechnology: Research and
> Perspectives; Papers from the First Foresight Conference on Nanotechnology,
> published in 1992 by the MIT Press, Dr. Gregory Fahy wrote:
 How relevant can this be, though, when it is 8 years old in such a fast
 moving field? I'm sure much more is known now about which of those
 various ideas about aging have proven to be sound.
    This is what keeps bothering me. I believe it was Ronald M. Klatz, MD
here in Chicago that stated that our knowledge of life extension was
doubling every three and a half years.
    The result is that the layman, and perhaps the MD, gets left behind. In
addition as laymen we don't have enough information to evaluate the various
claims being made.
    Never the less Don Klemencic's post was extremely interesting if only for
exposing eight year old information that has never came to my attention
Ron Harrison.

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