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<< My inference based on the DNA polymerase alpha story that it should be
 possible to prevent replicative senescence and compromised DNA repair
 appears to have been confirmed beyond all reasonable expectations by Mike
 West's findings. West claims to have totally conquered the cellular aging
 clock by using just two naturally occurring molecular triggers that can
 restore the youthful phenotype to any one of four entirely different types
 of senescent cell (endothelial cells, astrocytes, chondrocytes, and
 fibroblasts). (17) Finally, the possible significance of elongation factor
 one has been delightfully demonstrated by a paper of Shepard et al. In which
 flies made transgenic for EF-1 so as to avoid or postpone its down
 regulation with age were shown to have mean life spans equivalent to the
 maximum life spans of control flies. (18) However, this experiment is not
 yet definitive and awaits rigorous verification.

    That is really interesting. Do you have any predictions for when we can
expect a treatment to help us? Is there anything we can do now as
Ron Harrison

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