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Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 15:58:07 MDT writes:

> Brian,
> Thank you for your post. I guess you have put your finger on something
> that has been bothering me. Is this site strictly about discussions of how
> to terraform Mars and similar but non-immediate problems or is there anyone,
> like me, interested in discussing how to live long enough to get there with
> the youth and wealth to enjoy it? I don't think the two discussions are
> mutually exclusive: they are both important and IMHO equally fascinating. Or
> to open the discussion still wider; am I asking my questions in the wrong
> arena? Is there another site that I should be addressing?

I definitely think such discussions belong here. As I see it,
practical transhumanism is essential for us. First, it is obviously
useful for our personal lives. Second, it helps us slowly build a
transhuman lifestyle - if we haven't learned to change our habits and
activities when expected ultratech arrives we will not be very good at
using it. Third, it is a wonderful way of getting people convinced
that we are not just dreaming and to get them involved.

Practical transhumanism, theoretical transhumanism and the
philosophical aspects of transhumanism support each other.

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