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Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 19:50:25 MDT

Anders wrote:

>I definitely think such discussions belong here. As I see it,
>practical transhumanism is essential for us. First, it is obviously
>useful for our personal lives. Second, it helps us slowly build a
>transhuman lifestyle - if we haven't learned to change our habits and
>activities when expected ultratech arrives we will not be very good at
>using it. Third, it is a wonderful way of getting people convinced
>that we are not just dreaming and to get them involved.

        Yes, exactly. Most of the list members have specialized knowledge in
certain areas, but these areas are extremely diverse; so too is (and should
be) the discussion. For example, I personally don't have a very extensive
knowledge of the intrinsic aspects of science and technology, though I am
by all means a proponent of technological progress. Some of us are
lawyers, some of us are artists, some of us booksellers or truck
drivers...but we all have a common interest in creating a future that is
both enchanting and invigorating. Any well-written posts about progress
will be heard in this forum. You can count on it.

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