Deep end, shallow end (was Re: MEDIA: >MTV)

Michael M. Butler (
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 17:17:54 -0800

>>Michael Lorrey:

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>Anders Sandberg:

<Niceness elided>
>Towards a nicer transhumanism!

Niceness pays. So does not rewarding attention squanderers. _My_ serotonin levels certainly could be better at times.

This is why people keep asking for a "Deep End"/restricted list (It's not elitism (at least not purely), it's recognition that attention is the most limited resource).

Now that there is supposed to be one, I'll soon be deciding whether to join EI in order to participate in it.

And I hope _it'll_ have high standards of politeness *and* self-study, e.g. every participant will know to look a word up, will know how to use AltaVista, Dogpile or at least Yahoo, and will expect to be chided or even dumped for obvious laziness.

And I'll save _this_ list for when I'm feeling particularly extrosattva (which word I believe I coined, unless someone has priority). I encourage others to do the same.


"[We] mistook a clear view for a short distance." -- Ted Nelson