Anders Sandberg (
01 Apr 1999 01:22:03 +0200

Michael Lorrey <> writes:

> Listen, when you subscribe to the list, you should become familiar
> with the ideas and terms used here from the many FAQ lists, other
> web pages, and list archives at the extropy website. Asking such
> basic questions that have been asked time and time again does
> nothing but waste bandwidth and other people's time. If you wish
> people to respect you, you should respect the value of their time
> and try to use the resources that are available to answer your
> questions.

Checked your serotonin levels recently, Michael? :-)

Seriously, I think this is a bit rude. You have a point - when joining a new forum it is a good idea to read up on what has gone before - but it is clearly impractical to read everything (especially with a forum with this list's long history) and also likely that you will miss one thing or another. The best way of learning things is often to ask. And we oldtimers should remember that many of the discussions we have seen again and again and again are new to many participants - they form an important part of learning about our meme-complex, and we should really try to participate (even if it might feel tiresome to deal with the identity question, the singularity argument, the libertarian general quarrel and all the others again).

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