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Dan Fabulich (
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 15:25:13 -0500

At 08:16 PM 3/28/99 +0100, you wrote:
>I want to create a school for polymaths. Students would be able to choose
>modules from science and philosophy combining them in whatever way they feel
>appropriate to create an entirely unique and flexible course of study. There
>will be no set course length and students will be encouraged to 'bring in'
>other areas of study and give lectures to other students. I would like the
>hierarchy to be non-existent - all active members of the school should be
>considered students. Obviously there would have to be some sort of flexible
>awards system for potential employers but this will not be considered a
>major factor by the school. That is to say, students will spend their time
>worrying about their subjects rather than their examinations. The school, I
>believe, could be self-funding by offering the services of its students to
>various companies, organisations, and governments. In operation it would be
>more like a ‘think tank’ or an institute of postdoctoral study but I would
>like to refer to it as a ‘school’ and treat it as such.
>The most important thing about the school is that you should be able to
>enter it from any background.

What makes this technically different from a college, aside from the decreased emphasis on examinations?


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