NOW(-ish): Education

Bryan Moss (
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 20:16:29 +0100

I want to create a school for polymaths. Students would be able to choose modules from science and philosophy combining them in whatever way they feel appropriate to create an entirely unique and flexible course of study. There will be no set course length and students will be encouraged to 'bring in' other areas of study and give lectures to other students. I would like the hierarchy to be non-existent - all active members of the school should be considered students. Obviously there would have to be some sort of flexible awards system for potential employers but this will not be considered a major factor by the school. That is to say, students will spend their time worrying about their subjects rather than their examinations. The school, I believe, could be self-funding by offering the services of its students to various companies, organisations, and governments. In operation it would be more like a ‘think tank’ or an institute of postdoctoral study but I would like to refer to it as a ‘school’ and treat it as such.

The most important thing about the school is that you should be able to enter it from any background.