Re: accelerating universe and Leslie constraints/What's..

Gina Miller (
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 18:17:29 PST

So, if we broke the time barrier, would it alter the extent of the universe?
Gina "nanogirl" Miller

>Gina Miller wrote:
>> What's the wall look like?
>There is no wall.
>> If there is no end, what is there?
>> Don't most physicists believe it's infinite?
>No they don't
>> Some one once told me, to imagine that you are a 2 dimensional
>> person, so the world would appear only as a sphere to you, if you
>> started at the North pole and walked to the South pole, you might
>> you're at the end of the world but there's no wall, you're not really
>> and the "end".
>> Is it something like this?
>Somthing like that. Think of the universe as a balloon. Everything
>presently existing in the universe exists in the rubber surface. The
>is the inside, the future is the outside. You are always in the
>you cannot escape it, since when you go forward or backward in time,
>surface is there with you.
>Mike Lorrey

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