Re: accelerating universe and Leslie constraints/What's..

Michael S. Lorrey (
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 16:20:19 -0500

Gina Miller wrote:

> What's the wall look like?

There is no wall.

> If there is no end, what is there?
> Don't most physicists believe it's infinite?

No they don't

> Some one once told me, to imagine that you are a 2 dimensional
> person, so the world would appear only as a sphere to you, if you
> started at the North pole and walked to the South pole, you might think
> you're at the end of the world but there's no wall, you're not really
> and the "end".
> Is it something like this?

Somthing like that. Think of the universe as a balloon. Everything presently existing in the universe exists in the rubber surface. The past is the inside, the future is the outside. You are always in the surface, you cannot escape it, since when you go forward or backward in time, the surface is there with you.

Mike Lorrey