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Michael Lorrey (
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 02:30:16 -0500

Ross A. Finlayson wrote:

> If you ask me, "Brilliant Pebbles" is a much better defense, although the Theater
> High Altitude Air Defense is not a bad thing, except it doesn't work yet and is
> incredibly expensive. It's a decent prototype for anti-meteor rockets.
> Guided crowbars from space can destroy any tank, and would be cheap, except for
> launch costs.
> A machete can be lethal, as can a stick or the bare hand or foot. A conventional
> US$1,000 munition delivery system, ie, a high-powered military assault rifle,
> might not take out a front line battle tank, but is cruelly effective against
> unarmed civilians or civilian installations, which are ignoble targets. A front
> line battle tank against unarmed civilians is cruel and a crime.

A hand held rifle built for .50 caliber machine gun rounds (uranium core) is quite capable of offing any tank armor but reactive armor. The .50 cal uranium round was built for the job, and there are at least a dozen bolt action rifle models available on the market made for the round today, that any civilian can buy. Cost is between $5000-$10000 per rifle. An individual round goes for between $5.00-25.00.

> Exotic nanoweapons would represent a very flexible and relatively indefensible
> weapon.
> "What is the required effect?" is the question. Gene-targeted devices equal
> selective genocide, or an individual target from a strand of hair or the
> Orwellian governments' biometric archives, with problems if the nano gets out of
> hand and kills every living thing. Voodoo never had it this bad.
> Don't give your genes to anyone, unless you are procreating in which case share
> them with the other parent.
> Personally, I would consider a good sidearm one that used railgun elements to
> launch small caliber armor piercing explosive bullets. Gyrodyne inertia dampers
> and motion sensor IFF auto-guidance all built solid state would be a simple,
> effective handgun, not that there aren't simple, effective handguns. Pick it up
> and pull the trigger, if it authenticates you. It aims itself.
> Flechettes rule, as do discarding sabots, for tank rounds.

Nope, shaped charge warheads are the way to go unless you have hypersonic crowbars.

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