Re: Longevity

Anders Sandberg (
25 Mar 1999 10:47:52 +0100 writes:

> I don't know if there's a proven coorelation, but I don't need one - I just
> look around. The people interested in longevity seem to be generally better
> educated, more intelligent, etc. Those people generally use their education
> and ability more than unproductive people. It seems like pretty much a
> "package" situation.

It is likely that being educated and bright (which also tend to correlate, one tends to give the other) makes you more optimistic and self-reliant than being uneducated and dull. And once you are optimistic and enjoy yourself, then life extension seems more positive. Of course, these are mainly correlations, there are plenty of exceptions.

Just goes to show that bootstrapping one area of life can help other areas.

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