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Gina Miller (
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 18:58:13 PST

What am I doing?

Gina "Nanogirl" Miller

I am becoming more everyday, I am also becoming less everyday.

I am inhaling non-fiction books as often as one can, in hopes of attaining more knowledge or open doorways to new philosophies.

I am focused on my new field, "Nanotechnology Industries". I am pushing forward in this arena ie. a bulletin publication, online and at conferences. Business is well, things are happening for me.

I am listening more, to the voices of others who walk different paths, in hopes of never staying on the same one myself.

I am always appreciating and laughing.(they say it causes one to live longer)

I am educating myself and involving myself in a variety of communities and groups.

I am realizing that Pythogoras is right, it's all numerical. The structure of life. The repition and patterns of matter and the intangible, everything is entwined.

I seek and strive towards the arrival of advanced technologies, and do not cower in the shadow of them, but embrace them.

I embrace myself, I embrace you.

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