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Sat, 20 Mar 1999 14:50:30 PST

There is a element of fear involved in a science that is partially relying on future advances. K. Eric Drexler has stepped forward with some previously unknown proposals. There is always a hesitance in the saftey and security of new theories and thoughts, where science and technology is concerned. Look at Charles Darwin, he still musters up controversy.
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You wrote:
>In the 12 March 99 issue of Science, there are three
>sober articles on nanotech or close derivative. Between
>them are 244 references. All three articles reference Feynman,
>but not one mention of K.Eric Drexler.
>Someone who is up on the politics of science, please
>explain to me: why is it that as soon as one publishes any
>proletariate level popular science book, they automatically
>lose all credibility in the field and are shunned by their
>fellow scientists? Or am I reading too much into the
>aparently intentional oversight? spike

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