Re: Forbes Camp.

Michael Lorrey (
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 00:56:56 -0500

The Baileys wrote:

> Harry Hawk wrote:
> >I'm endorsing Steven Forbes in his bid to be the next President.
> >
> >While he certainly isn't an extropian (big or little e), and there are
> >issues that I completely disagree with him on, I feel he represents
> >the best hope to get a Libertarian minded President (in this century
> >or the next).
> Steve Forbes is a one issue candidate. His primary concern is to push a
> flat tax through Congress. Unfortunately, the fact that a flat tax would be
> a fiscal catastrophe doesn't appear to be a concern of Forbes. However, I
> doubt Forbes' zeal for the flat tax has nothing to do with the estimated $1
> billion USD he'd save in income taxes alone if a flat tax were passed.

I fail to see how it could be a fiscal catastrophe. Its generally recognised that the 17% rate he proposes is revenue neutral, and considering that the average millionaire actually pays taxes in the 14% range indicates that the rich will actually pay more.

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