Re: Forbes Camp.

Fred C. Moulton (
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 22:51:18 -0800

At 01:38 PM 3/16/99 -0500, Harry wrote:
>I'm endorsing Steven Forbes in his bid to be the next President.
>While he certainly isn't an extropian (big or little e), and there are
>issues that I completely disagree with him on, I feel he represents
>the best hope to get a Libertarian minded President (in this century
>or the next).

Well I decided to do some checking. I went to the Forbes website and did a search on the word "libertarian" and the result was a ZERO. This supposedly "Libertarian minded" candidate does not have the word appearing even once on his site. Well OK I said, what about some issues I care about. So I used the search feature on the website to find the following:

Gun Control

Forbes Position: ????, I did a search on gun control and the search engine took me to a page titled "The Steve Forbes Medical Savings Accounts"

War on (Some) Drugs

Forbes Position - It is society's "right" to protect itself against drugs by

passing laws

Censorship (Internet or otherwise)

Forbes Position - ??? - Search engine turned up nothing for "censorship", "CDA",

"pornography" or "decency"


Forbes Position - ??? - "Today, however, there is no doubt medically, genetically that individual human life begins at conception, and ends with natural death."

No, Forbes is NOT "LIbertarian minded", in my opinion he just another conservative
Republican who plays kissy face with the religious right. Just read some of the
stuff on the website.

I can not stop anyone from posting a messages urging support for conservative, republicans with anti-Extropian views however I will suggest that any such post will be met with a response.