Re: old wars...
Mon, 8 Mar 1999 23:32:37 EST

A few exceptions to Navy involvement in Viet Nam?

Naval Aviators

The Boats patrolling the Mekong Delta

UBTs(not sure I've the right initials here): the predecessors of the SEAL teams

Also, lets not forget that although they might not have been the primary service in Viet Nam, there was still a Cold War going on which could have heated up at any time. And being on a Naval Vessel definitely made you a target. So, joining the Navy might have been a calculated risk to avoid being a ground-pounder in Viet Nam, but I wouldn't characterize it as cowardice. There was still the possibility of becoming a casualty of war, as with any form of military service at any time in history. Just wearing the uniform of the US military can make you a target. They were not running away from military service so much as exercising some control over the nature it would take.

Now, I have to admit to having a weakness for discussion about the Viet Nam war and the various issues it entails, but I feel it would be less than honest of me if I did not point out that this discussion has not exactly been Extropian in tone. That gives us three viable options. 1) Reframe the discussions in Extropian terms (how would the application of Extropian Principles effect analysis of the Viet Nam war?) 2) Move this discussion to another arena more appropriate. 3) End the discussion.

Again, I have been as guilty as any of continuing this discussion in a place and/or manner which were inappropriate (just look at the first part of this post for proof of my complicity<G>). For that, I apologize to my fellow >H on the list. What can I say? It's tough to pass up a good discussion....