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Jason Jones (
Mon, 8 Mar 1999 16:56:32 -0800

I'm SORRY I can't give you a source other than the discovery channel, but from what I had seen on that show the major evedience for global warming was a 1 degree F increase in the world's total average temperature.Anyone seen anything like this?

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> Date: Monday, March 08, 1999 10:23 AM
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> >I hadn't heard the story about the glaciers growing. This was the only
> >one I'd seen recently. How reliable was the study about growing
> I think you'll find that glaciers in the northern hemisphere are
> and glaciers in the southern hemisphere are growing. I don't have a cite,
> but that's certainly true of the only glaciers I've visited (in New
> and the Canadian Rockies); AFAIR the New Zealand glaciers were receding
> until the middle of this century and have been growing again since then.
> >This corresponds to my experience. It seems to have been getting
> >hotter and hotter. Every year for the past few years has seemed to set
> >new records.
> However, that depends on what your definition of "seems" is. My
> has been the opposite; I haven't seen a summer worthy of the name since I
> came back to England two years ago, and nothing that even begins to
> to the super-hot summers of the seventies.
> I'd be interested to see an independent study of recent temperatures; all
> that I've seen implies that the pro-greenhouse folks declare each year to
> be warmer than ever before even when they're not. In fact they seem to
> declare any kind of weather as proof of global warming, whether it's hot,
> cold, perfectly clear or a major storm.
> Mark