Re: PHIL/HUMOR: The Extropian Banner

den Otter (
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 01:01:45 +0100

> From: Aaron Davidson <>
> >WE are the EXTROPIANS.


> >Does everyone agree with that?
> I LOVE it!
> I want to order the first t-shirt.
> I would wear it proudly.

Yes, revolutionary pride! This really kicks ass! Perhaps there could also be a "transhuman" (instead of "extropian") version?

> From:
> I also love it. So when are we going to form a political party, for profit
> corporation, or (my preference) a church... so we can put our collective
> monies where our collective mouths are?

Personally I was thinking along the lines of a semi-public mutual aid group. Our primary aim should be getting rich, the rest comes naturally. Money=power.

> Perhaps we could start with the Mars project. All we need is a little dough
> from Bill Gates (a mortgage on the entire planet of Mars, perhaps) and some of
> us could be settling on Mars in a decade and founding a whole new Extropian
> branch of humanity.

I assume you're kidding, but a Mars project would really make a lot of sense. When the Singularity comes the earth probably won't be a very safe place. Besides, colonizing Mars would be great fun! Another (and arguably more urgent goal) would be creating an "upload machine". The best way to deal with the Singularity is to cause it yourself (by ascending). Even without a Singularity (very unlikely), the sooner we can upload the better.

Of course there are plenty of other useful and fun things we could do as a group, but the above should be the spearhead of the transhuman effort. Anyone interested in a transhuman subgroup with clearly defined goals [based on enlightened self-interest] and philosophy(*)? As I've said many times before: we have a kick-ass philosophy here, the BEST EVER in fact, and a very talented group of people. Let's DO something with it! Something BIG and useful. Transhumanism deserves it. WE deserve it. Amen.

(*) For a rough outline of a specialized form of transhumanism, see: