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> Subject: Science: Global Warming...
> Date: Monday, March 08, 1999 3:35 am
> I come across this in my email...does anyone have any comments?

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> World's Glaciers Show No Evidence of Global Warming
> Major Polar Glaciers are Expanding, Not Causing a Rise
> in Sea Level
> For more information, contact John Carlisle at The
> National Center For Public Policy Research at 202-371-
> 1400 or or download the
> paper at the National Center's website at

You've got to learn the difference between a scientific organization and a political action committee! Any group whose history page <> starts off with framed quotes from from Michael Reagan, Dick Armey, Rush Limbaugh, and Tom DeLay, is not a scientific organization. The page says that they were founded specifically to serve the Conservative Movement. They research all sorts of issues, but always come up with answers that match what the conservatives want. True science researches an issue to find the answer. This group was founded to provide the required answers, and then performed their "research."

I notice that this "media alert" wasn't actually published by any reputable media. I also notice that the article seems short on facts. It says that "glaciers are not drastically receding", but doesn't say their not receding. It says "in many cases are expanding", but doesn't say if more are expanding than are decreasing. In fact, there is very little substance in the article to examine. It spends much more time on politics and conspiracy theory than it does on glaciers. It also fails to give any specific findings, fails to mention who did the research and when. There is no news in this article, it is just a restatement of conservative belief. If any new study was actually performed, the article certainly didn't make it clear.