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Mon, 8 Mar 1999 03:35:12 EST

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World's Glaciers Show No Evidence of Global Warming

Major Polar Glaciers are Expanding, Not Causing a Rise in Sea Level

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The world's glaciers are not drastically receding due to alleged man-made global warming but in many cases are expanding, according to a recently released National Policy Analysis paper by the National Center For Public Policy Research.

Proponents of the theory that man-made greenhouse gases are dangerously warming the planet point to retreating glaciers as evidence of global warming affecting the climate. Global warming theory proponents claim that these melting glaciers will cause a catastrophic rise in sea level which may submerge major seaboard cities like New York in coming centuries. By scaring the public with such apocalyptic visions, the environmental movement hopes to build support for the Clinton Administration's agenda of imposing economically-damaging cuts in the nation's greenhouse gas emissions.

However, according to National Policy Analysis paper #235, "Behavior of the World's Glaciers Fails to Prove Global Warming Theory," glacial activity disproves the global warming theory. Authored by John Carlisle, director of the National Center's Environmental Policy Task Force, the paper argues that global warming theory proponents are wrong to point to the retreat of some glaciers in the mid-latitude regions of the planet as evidence of warming since glaciers respond to a variety of complex natural phenomena other than global temperature variations. Furthermore, midlatitude glaciers represent only 6% of the world's glacial ice while Antarctica and Greenland, on the other hand, contain 94% of the glacial ice. Contradicting predictions of alleged global warming's climatic impact, the Antarctic and Greenland glaciers are advancing which has the effect of lowering sea level.

"The advance of the polar glaciers indicates that there is no evidence that global warming is melting glaciers and thus no reason to fear a catastrophic rise in sea level," says Carlisle. "Instead of providing proof of global warming, glacial behavior represents yet another powerful indictment of this already controversial theory."

The Environmental Policy Task Force is a project of The National Center For Public Policy Research, a nonpartisan, non-profit education foundation. The Task Force was established to find and promote innovative, workable solutions to environmental problems - solutions that minimize the suffering of working Americans while still protecting the environment.

For more information, contact John Carlisle at The National Center For Public Policy Research at 202-371- 1400 or or download the paper at the National Center's website at

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