Re: META: Voluntary policing

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (
Tue, 02 Mar 1999 23:51:53 -0600

Some more points:

List etiquette would allow you to ignore any anonymous ratings. It would not allow you to argue with thumbs-down ratings.

Optional feature: Your daily summary contains the average number of worthits for each message. This tells you if you are over or under.

Optional feature: Each week, a message is sent listing the Top Five comments (in largest numbers of $public cheers). I think that this will spur healthy competition without generating envy. Note that it does not list the Top Five posters; this system centers on messages only.

Design issue: Eliminating multiple responses. For HTML, put a hidden field (with an ID unique to each message and recipient) inside the FORM. For the mail, put the ID in the Reply-To: field - i.e., the return message will read:
To: Extropy023935032 <> Storing 1000 IDs for the last 1000 messages will take 4MB. Atkins made that possible, easily.

Design issue: Store all the comments made, permanently and forever; information must never be lost. Atkins' $10K should suffice to buy enough disk space for that. We may want to use them someday for collaborative filtering, finding friends in opinion space, or a "Best Of Extropians" archive.
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