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Timothy Bates (
Wed, 03 Mar 1999 17:32:09 +1100

Anders Sandberg responded to Harvey's point about many extropian ideas being (currently) unacceptable to the wider public by saying

> Maybe because so many of us take a binary view us/them rather than try
> to find ways around the problem. What areas can we make inroads in?
> What subjects can we make part of the mainstream? Dr Frankenstein made
> the mistake of building his castle outside the village, he should have
> put his lab in it and invited the schoolchildren for scientific
> experiments.

I understand what you are saying, but the real problem is not "the people" but the government and special interest groups.

If Dr Frankenstein had done this, several kids would have been enchanted, maybe even their parents would have responded happily when he cured their rickets. But the local Dr's union would have called in the BATF and FBI gun slingers.

> Life extension is only threatening if it is presented as
> something magical, if you discuss how better medical care or diet can
> improve health and longevity people accept you.

I agree with this also: most people if you ask them "imagine if you yourself using a home kit could set up a little "race" for your sperm and eggs so that the very best that you have to offer will always be the one that makes your baby", most people say - "yeah, I would do that, certainly I would think about that".

Religions, governments and "concerned citizens" are outraged.

Likewise, few individuals would consider imprisoning a man for marrying two women, but the government will pursue you to the ends of the earth. In my state (New South Wales) they have just passed anti knife laws which mean that even carrying a pair of scissors gives an automatic $500 fine (most recent example last week where the police searched a man, found he had pair of those orange plastic-handle disposable scissors and fined him $500). It

> "Smart drugs" sound
> like narcotics propaganda

Again it is governments that are against legalizing narcotics. most people just want the gun fights to stop and the addicts to stop staging home invasions to get the money for their drugs.

> but people have nothing against nutrient
> supplements, functional food or herbs.
In Australia, Selenium and Halibut Liver Oil are prescription-only restricted drugs.

> Piercing and tattooing are
> becoming acceptable in the middle classes.

OK, you got me there ;-)

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