Re: Dying neighbor was Re: THEOLOGY: Extropianism & Theology

Timothy Bates (
Tue, 02 Mar 1999 15:47:35 +1100
> My next door neighbor, a wonderful good hearted women
> in her 80s is dying a difficult death. Her husband of over 50 years (a good
> friend and great neighbor) is suffering horribly. Their grown children are
> wondering about aimlessly. I feel deeply for them.

> I feel a need to visit, offer to help, and talk and listen with them, I mean
> frankly discuss what's going on, offer concern and even reassurance.

> What would a brave young atheist say and do?

This one? They are your good friends. Help them however they want to be helped. Offer to mow the lawn or do some other service of value to them. Have a cup of tea together. Let them talk to you. Tell the what great neighbors they have been.

Be extraverted and calm - that generates happiness. Talk about happy news like the roton rocket or that News guy's new book about how their generation built America. Be yourself. Be kind.

Look after yourself,