Re: theology and genes: some demographic data

Timothy Bates (
Tue, 02 Mar 1999 16:17:33 +1100

Third way is the term coined (I believe) by Tony Blair to describe his "New Labour" Labour party. Not conservative, not left wing - a new, third, way.

This term gained support from the important "early-adopter" and opinion leader segment who are attracted by a shiny new phrase. It is also used to describe the recently elected socialist government of Germany along with other new-left European Governments.

Defining it is hard as it is a moving target. It essentially means not nationalizing industry, getting slightly sane about local council schooling policies, but also enacting and enforcing a social-contract where we are all required to behave decently and in society's best interests. Those interests are variously defined but increasingly appear to mean a vision of society as defined by what in Britain is called the Blue Stocking brigade: kindly, conservative, bleeding hearts who believe in pro-active state intervention. My Blair is a religious man and part of the motivating sentiment of the third way is that we are our brothers keepers.

>> I am not at all sure about the UK or even Europe in general now that the
>> "third way" juggernaut has begun to roll.
> Explain please "third way" juggernaut? spike