Re: Improving the list

Spike Jones (
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 16:39:18 -0800

den Otter wrote: the main ExI list has had the good fortune

> of being very active (which is quite rare), and IMO any fancy
> software schemes of attempts to devide it into specialized lists
> would only hurt it, or even kill it. Most people like it plain and
> simple: one list, free for all with little or no rules.

After thinking it over, Im with den Otter. As the Eagles song so eloquently states, "...every form of freedom has its price..." If we rely only on self censorship, the price we pay is reams of silly off topic posts and spam, but we get in return perfect freedom of speech, beyond even that provided by the U.S. constitution's first amendment.

Counterproposal: if someone goes far afield, posting inappropriate or kooky material, reprimand them (gently) off list. I know this group to be filled with rational, good people. They will grok the message. spike