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arnaldo (
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 18:21:03 -0600

I sense a fear of totalitarian systems.... I live in one until i was 36 years old and i survived....
And i am not a sub-genius, just a normal human with the genes i was born with...
There are stupid people and stupid people... the ones that cannot recognize a coercive tactic and the others... but the ones that cannot recognize a coercive tactic don't read about transhumanism.... The pope, the cardinals, the bishops and all the lower staff of the religions of this world can recognize a coercive tactic but are not gonna let themselves be transhumans by force... they tried to 'transcend', people Torquemada way, not my way.... As you can see there are several levels of stupidity and as Einstein would say 'There are only two things infinite - the universe and human stupidity'.
Keep smiling...

"J. R. Molloy" wrote:

> Arnaldo wrote,
> > ... Nietzsche said Man Must Transcend
> >Himself... and his Superman is nothing but the now more realistic
> >Transhumanist.. If you say SHALL, stupid people will think that there is
> >an alternative...
> I see what you mean. Can't we muster up enough generosity to allow stupid
> people to have their alternative? After all, if they have no alternative,
> then they'll take it that they _must_ transcend through coercive tactics of
> transhumanity. Who will take charge of the sordid task of transcending
> stupid people (possibly against their will)? Why can't we leave stupid
> people to their stupidity, if they prefer that? I myself have elected to
> remain a sub-genius, fearing what horrors more intelligence than I already
> have might reveal to me right around the corner. <looks out window and
> laughs>
> --J. R.