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Sat, 27 Feb 1999 19:58:03 EST

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>So far at least, God seems inevitable to me.

And you define God as "the laws that govern massively complex systems"?

That sounds similar to what others have called "natural law" and natural

order, and I think that an updated, more detailed description emerges as you

say, "as new developments are proved."

But some people have an idea of God as the Supreme Fascist described in The

Bible, so perhaps we ought to invent a new word (a more extropian word, if

you will) for this new paradigm of the deity.


--J. R.

Thanks JR, interesting idea. I don't define God as the laws that govern complex systems, nor do I believe he is the supreme fascist. I also believe that such a supreme being doesn't want or need to be worshipped by us or anyone else. But I do believe that he is good and will bring us back in an afterlife a la Frank Tipler (Massive "Holy" computers with data retreived from the light cone).

I still call him God because this theology is also for non extropians.

Great thinking,