Re: Can we please dekookify the list?

Harvey Newstrom (
Sat, 27 Feb 1999 19:56:54 -0500

Brian Atkins <> wrote:
> Well that illustrates the problem with having any one person
> or small group moderate the list I think. I bet you've been
> on the list longer than me, and maybe a lot of these things
> aren't as interesting to you any more...

Yeah, I've been on the List since the beginning. And yes, I'm getting tired of seeing the same political arguments that don't have anything to do with Extropianism.

Interests do differ. That's why I suggest not blocking any posts, but diverting them into different areas so that people can still get them if they want.

Maybe we should enforce the selected prefixes, and reject posts that don't have them. Then the List could either be configured to filter prefixes for each person as desired, or each person could use kill files more effeciently knowing that the prefixes are going to be used.

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