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Wed, 24 Feb 1999 23:39:54 -0500

At 03:58 PM 2/24/99 -0500, Adrian Spidle wrote:
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><<Perhaps you could tell us about your theology. That way, we could see
>where you're coming from. Personally, I don't believe in a single God, and
>I don't see how 'God' could be both monotheistic and pantheistic. But if
>you explained how you arrived at that conclusion, perhaps we'll all
>understand better.>>
>I am designing a theology that reflects my libertarian tendencies and
>commercial and scientific training and experience.
>I believe that, in the future, our successors (like descendents, only
>will cybernetically enhance their brains to create super intelligences.
>These beings will certainly be networked together (a sort of wireless
>ethernet) hopefully with strong firewalls and networked to the future
>and all the other networked computers of that time.
>I believe that this networked community will, in time, include other
>intelligences on other planets.
>I believe that this massively interacting network will learn all about
>biology; space-time; and energy-matter to the extent that it/they will
>control the physical universe. At this point it/they is/are God. Sort of
>like the Borg with firewalls, and much better looking. More like the Q


>Having control of time means that God is operating now and was operating in
>the past, therefore we can gain knowledge of God by studying the nature of
>universe. This study I say is worship, and is the only worship God expects.
>He most certainly doesn't expect us to prostrate ourselves at his feet.
>In fact. I believe God expects us to join the community of gods that is God,
>when we're good enough, when we deserve it. Frank Tipler tells us how we can
>all be brought back to life in the massive computers of the future. I don't
>think the Omega Point is integral to this theory, so it doesn't matter if the
>Universe will crunch or not.
>I have founded The Church of the Modern Era (you can find it on the AOL
>Alternate Religions board 2 and Anders Sandberg's Posthuman sub page)
where we
>are developing a morality, ethics and religious principles to live by and
>prepare our species for the future.
>God is our descendent and his nature is an extension of ours. We must be
>Adrian Spidle

I see. I was using the usual meaning of the term 'God.' You were using, well, the Q Continuum. Gotcha. Thanks.