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Wed, 24 Feb 1999 15:58:16 EST

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<<Perhaps you could tell us about your theology. That way, we could see
where you're coming from. Personally, I don't believe in a single God, and I don't see how 'God' could be both monotheistic and pantheistic. But if you explained how you arrived at that conclusion, perhaps we'll all understand better.>>

I am designing a theology that reflects my libertarian tendencies and commercial and scientific training and experience.

I believe that, in the future, our successors (like descendents, only broader) will cybernetically enhance their brains to create super intelligences.

These beings will certainly be networked together (a sort of wireless ethernet) hopefully with strong firewalls and networked to the future internet and all the other networked computers of that time.

I believe that this networked community will, in time, include other intelligences on other planets.

I believe that this massively interacting network will learn all about biology; space-time; and energy-matter to the extent that it/they will totally control the physical universe. At this point it/they is/are God. Sort of like the Borg with firewalls, and much better looking. More like the Q Continuum.

Having control of time means that God is operating now and was operating in the past, therefore we can gain knowledge of God by studying the nature of the universe. This study I say is worship, and is the only worship God expects. He most certainly doesn't expect us to prostrate ourselves at his feet.

In fact. I believe God expects us to join the community of gods that is God, when we're good enough, when we deserve it. Frank Tipler tells us how we can all be brought back to life in the massive computers of the future. I don't think the Omega Point is integral to this theory, so it doesn't matter if the Universe will crunch or not.

I have founded The Church of the Modern Era (you can find it on the AOL Alternate Religions board 2 and Anders Sandberg's Posthuman sub page) where we are developing a morality, ethics and religious principles to live by and prepare our species for the future.

God is our descendent and his nature is an extension of ours. We must be worthy!

Adrian Spidle